Home Page and Car Properties

Screen pictures taken from MyGarage version 1.8

Home Page

The home page gives you at-a-glance information about your cars. The tree view allows easy navigation through cars / tasks / fuel purchases and picture galleries.

The Car Table gives a view of the key information about each car, including visual warnings of impending tax / insurance / mot's

The Activity Table gives a list of recent activities (e.g. tasks or fuel purchases), and contains reminders of forthcoming actions. e.g. mot test.

A random picture box displays a new picture each time to keep the page interesting

The buttons on the lower left hand side take you to key sections.


Car Properties - General

Enter the key information about your car. Change the Registration plate design from black on yellow, to black on white, or white on black.

Enter dates for tax / insurance / mot due, and see the traffic light change colour to green when it is "legal".

If your car is SORN, then tick the box, and tax changes to SORN.

Add a picture for this car (other pictures can be added later in galleries).


Car Properties - Advanced

Enter more details about your car.

Define your own car categories

Include the fuel tank capacity to get an estimate of how much fuel is in the tank.


Car Properties - Value

Enter your guess at the current value, OR

Join it to a valuation guide (see values section), and estimate it's condition between condition 1 and 3, to get a calculated proportional value.


Click on the pictures to see a larger image.