Task Table

The task table will display the work carried out to you task. Individual tasks can be printed. You can mark some tasks so they get included on the printout as a summary. Very useful to give to a garage as a "job sheet", so they can see a history of previous important work (e.g. timing belt change, or new battery)


Task Editing

A history file is built up using a number of tasks. Each task will have dates and mileage associated with it. You can then add costs to the task, and add a gallery of pictures. Large tasks can be split into sub-tasks.

The action by links the task to one of your contacts.

Define your own categories.

Task Costs

Eneter any costs associated with the task. Total amounts and VAT amounts calculated for you. VAT rates can be set as necessary.

Task Galleries

Create a gallery of pictures for the task to store those before and after photos.

Task Steps

Break a lareg task into smaller task steps. Each step can have it's own costs and gallery etc.