24-October-2012 Changes to UK MOT rules

Anyone following the classic news will know that from the 18th November 2012, any vehicle manufactured before 1st Jan 1960 no longer requires a UK MOT certificate. i am not going to discuss the merits of this. My oldest vehicle is a 71 Herald so at least it qualifies for free road tax ! What i have done though is modiy my garage manager to cater for this new legislation. For pre-2960 vehicles, it will show exempt in place of the MOT data (although you can still enter a date if yo are taking it for an optional test). It will continue to show "green and legal" even when that MOT expires.

This version is available to try now, so please email me if you wish to try it and i will send you the upgrade link.

Also in this upgrade is a new "total cost of ownership" area, that works out from what you have spent the costs per year, per month or per mile.

I still have many more plans in the pipeline, as well as gettig the Herald back on the road having replaced the water pump recently. It just needs a fresh MOT now !

21-June-2012 Version 2.1 Released

The long awaited version 2.1 has been released. It contains many updates. Please see the download page for details. Now work starts on version 2.2, and at the top of the list is the change to UK MOT for pre 1960's cars.