MyGarage Version 2.1

Before installing this software, please see the prerequisites section.

The software has been tested on Windows XP , Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


Needed (Win XP Only)
dot net framework (See Pre-requisites) 23.4 Mb
NeededMicrosoft SQL 2005 Express (See Pre-requisites) 53.5 Mb
NeededMy Garage Setup  (run this application to install MyGarage now)
3.3 Mb

Note that this is a "Windows" product only.

What's new in version 2.1

  • VED table row colour for current SORN records.
  • VED Table sort order fix
  • Cost table now ordered by date
  • NEW ** US Gallons now an option
  • NEW** Fuel purchase in any units
  • NEW ** Vehicle fuel tank in litres or gallons
  • Bug fix on saving contact filters.
  • Bug fix in editing task
  • Bug fix in setting the category for a vehicle
  • New Feature : Vechicle annual distance bar chart (~Still work in progress)
  • Fuel purchase vehicle drop down - current cars now at the top of the list
  • Bug fix: When deleting the last picture in a gallery.
  • Bug fix: Was showing default vat rate on costs instead of the entered value.
  • Bug fix: Could not enter negative costs on the cost pop-up page
  • Bug fix around default VAT on new costs
  • Bug fix : Tax purchases not showing on the activity table
  • Bug Fix : Filter on the task table within the specific vehicle page
  • Bug fix on data import around task dates and gallery images
  • Bug Fix : Print task - getting a blank page
  • New Feature : Expenditure between dates report has option for task breakdown.
  • New feature - show deleted items in the treeview, and ability to undelete them**
  • Costs can be specified at vehicle, and root level (not just tasks as before)
  • New Feature - costs can be specified at vehicle level, or at general level for non vehicle specific costs.
  • Vehicle Selection screen has a filter by registration option
  • New "Age at purchase" display on vehicle details page
  • The vehicle notes, and history notes can be edited in the boxes on the "vehicle right had side" page, as well as popping up the vehicle details editor.
  • Home page tree view does not show the filter drop down if no filters have been created.
  • Fuel purchase table, and screens use the default fuel units rather than being fixed as litres.
  • New fields on the vehicle details for kerb weight and gross weight. Also Included on the vehicle details report.

** for users that have made a donation only


"MyGarage" has been in development for the last 2 years ,and has taken a huge investment of both time and money to produce. The product is still available to users free of charge.

If you find MyGarage useful, then please consider making a donation to the developer to help cover some of the costs. A recommended donation would be £8 plus £1 per active car. Donations can be made through paypal by clicking on the paypal button below.

Previous Releases of "MyGarage"

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