Version 2.0 of My Garage Manager includes the ability to customise for other countries. This is done through a "country file". To change your settings, goto "Tools / options" in the application, and select an alternative file from the choice in the "regional settings" drop down. The country file name is "MyGRegion_XX" where XX is the international vehicle identification letter (e.g. "NZ" for New Zealand, and "I" for Italy. ("UK" is used for the united Kingdom instead of GB)

The country file controls settings for tax, insurance, mot etc.

The main program only includes a couple of country files. Others are available to download from this page. If you can't find the country file you need, then please email to request one. If a countries rules change (for example, new Tax bands are added), then an updated country file can be downloaded and used.

Country files to download

Save the file to your "c:\mygarage" folder.

 CountryFile Last updated 
United KingdomMyGRegion_UK.xml 30-Jul-2010 
CanadaMyGRegion_CDN.xml 12-Jan-2011 
Italy MyGRegion_I.xml  06-Aug-2010 
New Zealand  MyGRegion_NZ.xml   30-Jul-2010  
Norway MyGRegion_N.xml  01-Nov-2010