Version 2.0

•Terminology change : "Car" becomes "Vehicle". "Mileage" becomes "Odometer"
•Can specify your own labels for "Odometer" and "Fuel Efficiency" (e.g. 'Mileage' and 'mpg')
•New fields on vehicles include "Distance Type" - set to miles or kms (per vehicle), "CO2 Emmissions", "Taxation Class"
•Fuel efficiency (mpg) charts can be shown in the units of your choice (e.g. Mpg or ltrs / 100km)
•New system options to choose default units for distance and fuel efficiency
•New "Country File" for even better internationalisation. Allows criteria for mot, tax etc to be specified, including all the taxation classes, therefore enabling the tax band within a class to be automatically calculated (e.g. On emmissions or engine size). Includes link for online purchase of VED/Tax. Additional country files will be available for downloaded from the website.
•New "Tax Disc History" enables you to record all tax/VED disc purchases.
•New report for "tax purchases"
•Reminders : Can specify your own warning threshold per reminder, or use the system default.
•Splash screen contains a delay for non-donatee users. The more cars you have the longer the delay. Make a donation to clear this,
•Ability to enter tax and task costs in £sd when the cost date is before decimal day (controlled through the country file)
•System option to set default "is full" on fuel purchases
•New "Estimate Odometer" on odometer entry boxes, to estimate the odometer at the given date based on previous tasks / fuels etc.
•Major Re-work of the insurance policy editing, with lots of new fields.
•Changes to task date / status to tidy up a few issues.
•When using multi cars on an insurance policy, it will pro-rata the premium based on number of days (useful when you change vehicle on a policy)
•Insurance policy cost bar chart for each vehicle
•Task table includes a new column with a camera picture to indicate the task has a gallery.
•Contact edit screen has statistics box to show owner and insurance record counts in addition to tasks and costs.
•Contact display screen includes a tab for insurance policies.
•BodyStyle, Tyresize and tyre pressure fields allow more characters to be entered.
•Dropped the "Contact Type" from the contact filter, and replaced with an option to include / exclude contacts linked to insurance policies.
•Insurance policies now exist on the main tree view under vehicles, and insurers.
•Task can be printed from the edit task pop-up screen.
•Built in Help removed, in preparation for on-line help (with pictures)

plus many more improvements.

Version 1.9

New Alias property on a car
New Feature - ability to record previous owners
New Toolbar
Car details - new tabs for notes / advanced / historical / purch and sale / Owners
Car details - removed notes from top area of screen, to give more screen area to the tables in the tabs below.
Car details - "Work Summary" and "All Tasks" merged into a single tab.
Car Details - Tasks table - Can choose multiple custom filters
Contact table loading made more efficient.
Contacts page : Details has separate tabs for tasks / costs / cars associated with the current contact.
Contacts filter : Has new options to filter for contacts with tasks / costs / cars.
List loading made much more efficient.
Fuel page. Price trend shows points/ Clicking once will highlight the item in the table. Double click to edit the fuel record.
Mileage Trend : Uses same colours as time line for previous / current owners
Mileage Trend : Includes markers, and ability to select, to see in the table, or double click to edit.
Mileage Trend : Includes dotted lines for previous owners.
Mileage Trend : also displays time span, mileage span, and average miles per year.
Mileage Trend : Options include menu option for start at date of purchase.
New Date editing control.
MPG Trend - Has clickable marker points.
MPG Trend - Has max / min / average figures, and an average mpg dotted line.
MPG Table - default sort order changed to newest at the top.
Fuel purchase screen has new notes field.
Fuel purchase screen - can enter any 2 from litres / price / total, and it calculates the other 1.
Known Owners appear in the car time line
Costs detail pop-up has button to show the parent task.
Car selection : If only 1 car, then return just the one.
Main task filter, and fuel filter have a new date range option.
Main window remebers state, size and position, rather than always opening full screen.
All reports get a standard footer
Tidied up the car details report
Tidied up History report, and added the Owners table to it.
History Report has options for displaying fuel and owners.
Task printout - Can choose to include steps, summary tasks, Costs and gallery.
Fuel purchase detail shows mpg for this fill up.
Main form has a menu and tool bar option "Make a Donation" to launch the donation website.
New trigger type for reminders : First Mileage or date.
The reminder editing popup also displays the duration / miles left to the reminder in a colour coded status box.
New system option "Warning Miles". When a car reaches the trigger mileage minus the reminder miles, then the reminder is in a warning state.

Version 1.8.1

  • New "Fuel Tank Capacity" property on a car.
  • New "Is Full" option when entering a fuel purchase.
  • New "Estimated Fuel Remaining in tank"  bar display.
  • Fuel purchase screen shows the previous fuel purchase for that car, including miles since.
  • New Calculator for converting litres to gallons etc
  • New "Expenditure Between Dates" report.
  • Performance improvements when loading lists of data.

  • Version 1.8

    • New Export / Import car  feature
    • Add menu options for selecting navi buttons ("Go" Menu)
    • Cars menu removed, and replaced with menu options for adding new car / task / fuel etc.
    • Galleries : Ability to change the sequence order of pictures, include drag and drop sequencing
    • Galleries : Ability to run as slide show
    • Galleries : Ability to importy lots of images in one go
    • New gallery filter and results page
    • New properties on the car for purchase / sale notes, date scrapped, body number
    • New "tab" on the car properties to store any historical notes about the car.

    + Lots more other additions, including performance improvements and bug fixes. See help file for full details.

    Version 1.7

    • Tasks Have a "Summary" tickbox, enabling certain tasks to be chosen to record a summry of the vehicles history.
    • Task jobsheet printout includes a list of the summary tasks.
    • Task jobsheet printout includes photos from the gallery attached to the task.
    • Task job sheet printout hides task steps and costs where there are none.
    • Car page has fuel and tasks on separate tabs, with the opening tab now named work Summary, and shows summary tasks only.
    • Summary tasks displayed in blue font (task tables, and tree view)
    • Cars have a new "Exlude from monitor" check box. If checked then they show white on the main table, and tax / insurance / mot warnings are not given. (useful for a project car sat in boxes in the garage !)
    • Mileage history trend repeats tasks where the difference between start and end date is greater than 30 days.
    • Complete re-work of the filter, includes hiding un-selected categories, more categories, and the ability to save multiple filters, and easily select through a drop down list.
    • Home page and tree view list controlled through a cars filter, and removed "include sold cars" option.
    • Complete re-work of the treeview to make quicker, and better at updating segments after data changes.
    • Insurance tree has greyed out text for non-current insurance policies.
    • Task filter now includes car categories and show in summary options.
    • Fuel filter now includes car categories
    • Re-work database connection handling to improve performance.
    • Car detail right hand page no longer shows tax/insurance etc for SOLD cars.
    • SORN still shown in the reminders even when car excluded from monitoring.
    • Costs can have zero amount so you can show "free" items
    • Default VAT rate can be specified in the system settings.
    • Task steps and galleries can be added on the task details pop-up edit window.
    • "Tools / Types" menu renamed to "Tools / Categories"
    • Car Mileage trend : New settings page, enabling you to specify what to include, and date ranges. (gives a zoom facility).
    • New "car details" printout, prints the key information about an individual car.
    • Insurance policy title bar colour changes to reflect the policy status.
    • Onrisk insurance policies have a progress bar to show remaining days on the policy.
    • Fuel report link on the fuels page usese the results of the fuel filter on the report.
    • Cars page left hand side (under the filter) has a "Cars Report" link to print the filtered list.

    Version 1.6

    • Cars page has a tab for MPG, showing the MPG for all filtered cars on the same page.
    • Pictures have a tick box to exclude from the random picture display.
    • Fuel table on the car display page has a new "cost per mile" box.
    • Fuel page has a filter similar to the tasks and cars pages, enabling the table to be filtered.
    • Fuel page has new trends for average litres, and average spend per month.
    • Fuel page has new pie chart for litres by fuel type
    • Mileage trend - New button to display the data in a table for easy finding items.
    • New "save" button on the pop-up edit screens. Now means you can save a car, then add the picture without having to close the pop-up first.
    • Tasks have a notes done box as well as the old details box, allowing "to do", and "actually done" notes to be stored separately.
    • Can now add and edit the costs in a single table on the pop-up task editing box.
    • Task printout now includes engine size and fuel type, aswell as the new "Notes done" field.
    • Task "4 pane" window replaced with a tabbed control enabling all items to be seen on smaller screen sizes.
    • Task detail control also available on the "tasks" main filter page, enabling all task details to be seen.
    • Task costs can be individually added to the cost table on the task detail page.
    • Task detail gallery tab has ability to add a gallery.
    • Task pop-up screen can be resized to make it easier to see the entered data.
    • Car - Now uses amber light when mot/tax/insurance are in "warning" state. (< 30 days to go)
    • activity table - more information on the tax / insurance / mot warnings / anniversairies.
    • Ability to choose what should appear in the activity table
    • activity table - includes a line for "today" so you can easily see future and past activities.
    • Cars have new categories field, plus ability to filter by category.
    • Can configure the number of days warning for tax/insurance/mot etc
    • New reminder pop-up displays reminders on application startup.
    • Insurance policy has a customer Reference field
    • Now uses your current system currency symbol instead of "£"
    • New "Edit image" button on the picture details page, to edit the image in ms-paint.
    • Gallery thumbnails can be switched from lefthandside or underneath the main picture.
    • price guide values can be added through a pop-up menu on the valuations tree view.